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Understanding Solar Warranties

Solar systems are a worthy investment, that will pay for themselves long term. Initially, however, the equipment is expensive. Each individual component is most likely subject to a unique warranty. You should be aware of all your warranty information before, during, and after your solar system installation. Generally speaking, the parts and labor warranty will cover your system for two years, and manufacturer warranties on each component may cover some equipment for longer. Many name brand solar panels include 20-25 year warranties. It’s important to understand that:

5-10 year Inverter Warranties

Often the most expensive part of a solar energy system, converters are also the most likely to incur damage and fail. To cut costs, many less reputable installers will choose an inverter not able to handle the calculated capacity, which increases the chance of failure. Avoid risk from the start, and don’t cut corners. Lower quality inverters will have a limited warranty, so it’s important to compare inverters before making an educated purchase.

5-10 year Battery Warranties
(no-grid and hybrid systems only)

Batteries usually have a limited warranty, but often have an extended life of 15 years. Because there are no moving parts or manufacturing/installation errors there is little room for needed repair on your solar batteries.

20-25 year Solar Panel Warranties

Solar panels typically have a photovoltaic cell composite. Made of silicon, these panels are highly fragile, but fully encased by tempered glass and an aluminum frame. Built to last, solar panels are the least likely component to require repair or replacement.

PV (photovoltaic cell) technology is not susceptible to breakdown over time. However, hail and hurricane weather are the most likely threats to your solar panels.

Be sure to ask your installer the following solar warranty questions:

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