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Home Value and Solar Energy Systems

Many states offer financial incentives for installing home solar energy systems can significantly lower the initial costs. Even when you save up to 35% on your solar energy system, it can be difficult to build the price back into the value of your home when putting it on the market. This is usually due to the difficult of making the value to clear to buyers. They may be concerned about maintenance costs and how much money they will truly save on their energy bills. They also may not like the appearance of a solar energy system.

Inform your real estate agent as to the extent of your solar energy system. Have a compressive list of facts and figures regarding energy savings ready. If necessary, have before and after solar figures to compare. That way, it is clear how much value a solar system adds to the home. In a challenging real estate market, buyers should understand they are purchasing energy security when they purchase a solar home. Educate interested buyers as to the tangible savings and value a solar home carries.

In the state of California, residents can fund their solar energy system installation through a loan that is paid back through property taxes over time. When the home is sold, the balance of the loan is transferred to the new homeowner, so you don’t have to worry about building the loan into the price of the house.

In a troubled real estate market, a solar investment is much more than just a monetary figure. In a good real estate market, your solar energy system can add substantial value to the overall worth of your home!

Just remember: in any market, even in a bad one, a solar panel installation represents far more than a monetary investment. But in a decent market, what an investment in your home! Solar systems don’t just improve the value of your home, they add substantial savings for the homeowner year after year.

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