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Energy Audits

One of the major components of a home energy audit is a Home Energy Rating (HERS). A HERS rating can help you meet rigorous ENERGY STAR efficiency standards – a vital part of many solar installations.

Take the appropriate measures before installing a solar energy system. An energy audit is one of those important measures, because it can help you assess ways to lower your energy usage. The less energy you use, the quicker your solar energy system will pay for itself. Several states currently offer even further incentives that reward homeowners for participating in energy audits.

A HERS rating takes a complete analysis of how energy efficient the construction of a home is. Residential Energy Services Networks established an index scoring to help facilitate this process and make it more mainstream. A score of 0-100 is given to a home based on comparisons made with a HERS Reference Home (a home with a score of 100 — which is the least energy efficient). For example, a home that receives a score of 70 is 30% more energy efficient than a HERS Reference Home.

Before you invest in a solar energy home, give your home a HERS rating. Once you receive your HERS index score, an energy auditor can work with you to improve your energy efficiency. The lower your score, the more efficient your home. The more energy efficient your home is, the more savings you will enjoy.

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