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Current Federal Rebate Includes a 30% Tax Credit!

Solar Pros maintains current rebates offered by the state of Florida, and Florida's energy providers. Rebates can include home solar energy systems (PV systems), solar hot water heaters, and solar pool heaters.

Florida's Current Residential Solar Power Rebates

Known for its abundant sunshine, and appropriately called, The Sunshine State, Florida is the perfect place to go solar. Lawmakers are beginning to support solar power on a far-reaching scale.

Photovoltaic Rebates

Gainesville Regional Utilities provides a photovoltaic rebate program that gives a rebate of $1.50/watt for all non-commercial systems (10 kW in size or smaller).

Orange County's OCHEEP! Program also offers a $1,000 rebate for photovoltaic systems of all sizes.

In conjunction with the Pilot Solar Programs, the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) gives a production incentive, where OUC will offer to buy renewable energy credits (RECs) associated with the output from your photovoltaic system. The payments become equal to $0.05/kWh for solar PV systems and typically show up as credit on your monthly bill. The beneficial program is available for both residential and commercial customers.

All utility companies in Florida are required to participate in net-metering programs. In other words, your utility company must credit any excess power your solar energy system generates back to you.

Solar Water Heat Rebates

A variety of utility companies offer rebates for non-commercial hot water systems. Check with your specific utility company for details.

Tallahassee Utilities offer $450 for residential water heating systems.

Clay Cooperative website provides up to $600 for a hot water heating system (residential).

Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) gives residential properties $500 for hot water systems.

Gulf Power offers a generous $1,000 for all hot water systems on a residential level.

JEA gives $400-$800 for hot water systems in residential properties (up to $5,000 for commercial).

OCHEEP! Program for Orange County residents will offer up to $1,000 for a solar water heating systems.

Progress Energy will provide a $450 credit for installation of any solar water heat system. Additionally, there are monthly credits for taking part in the load control program.

Tax Incentives

Florida, among other states, exempts renewable energy equipment from sales tax. This includes photovoltaic and solar water heating systems.

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