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Solar Energy is Good Business

Costco, FedEx, Macy's Target, Google and more have all adopted solar energy policies. Small and medium sized companies are beginning to go solar too. The commercial demand for solar energy systems has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. It seems that more companies are beginning to see the financial value in going solar. There are so many reasons why going solar is good for business.

Peak Shaving

Larger buildings use a greater amount of power. While your company may be paying more because of its size, you may also be paying more for using energy during “peak” hours. Usually, utility companies charge more money for electricity used during midday, and charge reduced prices for electricity used during morning and evening hours. However, because photovoltaic systems typically absorb the most sunlight during midday, your company can take advantage of peak shaving, and bypass the need to purchase conventional electricity during this time. While installation may be challenging, because the roof must not be covered during midday, and because cloudy and rainy days may reduce the power you generate, there are solutions. Dispatchable peak shaving allows you to store your photovoltaic output for when you need it most. Also, a solar load controller can help monitor your PV performance and readjust the output during days when your system isn't absorbing as much.

Price Hedging

Retail electricity prices fluctuate constantly, especially during seasonal changes. Photovoltaic systems can help reduce this uncertainty with Power Purchase Agreements (PPAS) that lock in power prices. PPAS are popular with companies that want to source solar power. For example, The Gap is hosting a 1-megawatt solar installation that is owned and operated by MMA Renewable Ventures, LLC. Gap will be able to purchase electricity at predictable prices from this solar company. To conclude, you can lock in electricity pricing when you purchase it from a solar energy company, instead of relying on conventional sources of electricity.

Getting Ahead of the Curve

Many corporations are beginning to reduce their carbon emissions voluntarily, in preparation for the future, when American companies may not have a choice. Solar energy can't completely eliminate a company's fossil-fuel reliance, but it can be the beginning of an important switch to energy independence. Be ahead of the curve and get a jump-start on renewable energy for your company today. That way, if/when the government begins regulating carbon emissions, you and your business are already ahead of the curve.

Social Responsibility

Solar energy is good for your bottom line, and can save you money over the long-term. What's more, when you invest in a solar energy system you are showing the media, competitors, and most importantly your customers that you are taking steps to becoming more environmentally responsible. That type of progressive, global minded thought process goes a long way for your business, and it won't soon be forgotten.

Most companies see the financial value in lowering energy costs for their businesses, and see solar energy as a viable option towards decreasing energy costs. Others see solar energy as a step forward towards reducing carbon emissions and becoming more environmentally friendly. Whatever your company's motivation is, whether it's locking in energy prices or preparing for carbon legislation, solar energy is becoming a more realistic energy solution.

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