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Small Businesses Going Solar

Many widely respected companies have made the transition into renewable energy in recent years. PR and media recognition guarantee that news of a high profile company going solar spreads like wild fire. But does solar energy make sense for small to medium sized companies? It's clear that wildly successful companies can afford the high cost of solar energy installation, and will most likely be around for the long-term payoff. Simply stated, larger firms have more equity and resources at their disposal; they are better equipped to take on initial costs. Plus, with PR attention at their fingertips their business boom after solar installation is often quite substantial.

While it's obvious large companies are better equipped to handle the costs of solar energy systems, smaller companies can retain value from going solar. By making your company immune to rising energy costs and peak-demand pricing from utilities, you can significantly lower your costs. By lowering your costs, you are able to pass savings onto your customers gaining you more business.

Green energy is very popular right now. To this extent, your local newspaper, blogs, and news station will be happy to cover a human-interest story discussing your recent adoption of solar energy. It may take extra effort to get your business the coverage it deserves, but the result will pay off in dividends.

When you combine the Federal corporate solar tax credit with other statewide incentives for businesses, you can truly lower the cost of your solar energy project. Speak with a professional solar energy installer today to discuss all the rebates and grants available to your small business. Be sure to do your research, and thoroughly calculate all your energy costs and make the educated choice your business deserves. Going solar is a progressive move that can place your business in the right direction.

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